The Cure for Chronological Snobbery

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Sunday we had the privilege of listening in on a conversation between the Apostle Paul and his young mentor in the faith Timothy. He charged Timothy to not allow those who were older than him to “despise” his young age but rather to clothe himself with the gospel by setting an example “in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12 ESV). We are often guilty of chronological snobbery when we put far too much value on our generation and our ways of doing things while smugly looking down our nose at other generations. Chronological snobbery has caused churches to that cater their dress, music, and worship exclusively to one group of people while excluding anyone who does not comply.  How then can we follow the exhortations of the Apostle Paul and “set the believers an example” by the way we handle conflict within our church body? The answer is the gospel. It is the gospel that can bring together the Greatest Generation with GenX and unite Baby Boomers and Millennials. Whenever disagreements arise in our congregation we must resist the urge to fight for ‘our way’ but instead consider how the gospel applies to the situation. How can I display the gospel in the way I speak with and about my brother whom I disagree? How can I love them in such a way that Christ is honored and the gospel demonstrated? How can I demonstrate faith in the God of peace instead of taking things into my own hands? Conflict is inevitable. However, the gospel is greater! Our focus must be on living out the gospel in our own hearts before we worry about how others are doing things. Please pray that Ocean Park would be a church that focuses on the gospel. The gospel that declares that I was once a guilty sinner who deserved the wrath of God but by God’s grace alone I received mercy and love. I was given life when I deserved death. My debt was paid when I was bankrupt. Therefore, I can love others because God loved me much. I can forgive those who wrong me because God has forgiven me much. I pray that we are able to put aside our political, generational, and personal differences in our pursuit of proclaiming the gospel to Jax Beach and throughout the whole world.

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    […] snobbery to take root in your heart and the heart of our church (see my previous post ‘The Cure for Chronological Snobbery’). This subtle form of pride will only splinter, fracture, and divide the body of Christ. Ocean […]

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